Tips for helping kids wear masks

Face masks can be scary to some kids – here are some tips and tricks to get them through.
Masks are only for children over 2 years old. Children under 2 should never wear a mask.

Let them pick it out

Find their favorite color or cartoon character to bring out their unique style. Have different colors on hand to match with their favorite t-shirt, sweatshirt or outfit.

Make play masks for stuffed animals

Show your children that masks are OKAY by using them on the comfort of their favorite cuddly toy. This is a good time to clean out that junk draw of items that aren’t needed and re purpose them into a play mask for stuffed animals.

Practice wearing the mask

Practice putting the mask on and taking it off. Start off wearing the mask at home for short periods of time and gradually work into those long instances that a mask must be worn. Some kids will adjust right away and some will take longer than other. Set goals and be consistent.

Never share and keep it clean

We teach our children that sharing is caring – but never a mask. Keep it clean by washing after every use.

Wear it properly

Hands should be clean when removing masks. Make sure mask covers their nose, mouth and chin. Mask should be easy to remove if it gets difficult for them to breath.

Be a mask role model

Keep wearing your mask when the time is appropriate. Explain to you children how and why it keeps you and others safe.