AbsorbENT™ Ear Wick and Ear Packing

  • Soft, absorbent, lint and fiber free
  • Compressed for easy placement
  • Sterile, individually packaged

Our AbsorbENT sponges are three-dimensional, interconnected open cells that are extremely soft and pliable. This interconnected structure produces packing that is exceptionally strong, highly absorbent and virtually lint and fiber free.

AbsorbENT Ear Wick

Designed to expand rapidly for effective distribution of liquid medication.

Product ImageProduct NumberDescriptionDimensions (L x W in millimeters)Unit / Box
OT-5200-25Sterile, single-use.9 x 1525
OT-5201-50Sterile, single-use.9 x 1550
OT-5202-50Sterile, single-use.9 x 2450

AbsorbENT Postoperative Ear Pack

Porous design for rapid absorption of postoperative drainage.

Product ImageProduct NumberDescriptionDimensions (L x W in millimeters) Unit / Box
OT-5203-10Sterile, single-use.15 x 2410
OT-5204-10Sterile, single-use.12 x 2410