Breeze™ Nasal Splints

Breeze™ Nasal Splint with Airway

  • Soft medical-grade silicone
  • Funnel-shaped airway design
  • Designed to increase airflow
  • Designed to minimize blockage
  • Designed to support nasal septal structure

The unique airway geometry is designed to create a pressure gradient force to increase airflow. To allows better nasal breathing and easier clearing of nasal secretions and minimize blockage. Also, at the anterior tip each splint has two suture indicators for easier suture placement through the splint and septum to prevent posterior dislodgement. The lubricity enables ease of insertion and removal, and is gentle on delicate nasal tissue.

Innovative design increases airflow.

Breeze™ Nasal Splint without Airway

  • Soft medical-grade silicone
  • Pre-cut anatomical shape
  • Suture indicators for easier suture placement

Has all the same features and benefits, just without the airway.

Product NumberDescriptionQuantity / PackPacks / Box
SP-79300Breeze™ Nasal Splint with Airway, Sterile1 Pair1
SP-79300-05Breeze™ Nasal Splint with Airway, Sterile1 Pair5
SP-79300-50Breeze™ Nasal Splint with Airway, Sterile1 Pair50
SP-79200-BBreeze™ Nasal Splint with Airway, Non-sterile50 Pair1
SP-79400Breeze™ Nasal Splint without Airway, Sterile1 Pair1