Bivalve Nasal Splints

Non-stick surface reduces adhesion and/or hematoma. Medial slit facilitates insertion and removal. Holes for easier suturing. Sterile, single-use.

  • Available thick or thin in two sizes (0.25mm and 0.50mm)
  • Clear fluoroplastic, medical-grade material
  • Sterile and single use

Product NumberDescriptionDimensions (mm)
Quantity / PackPacks / Box
Sterile, single-use.
SP-27000Standard size, Thin 0.25mm26.1 W x 42.6 L 1 Pair6
SP-27005Standard size, Thick 0.50mm26.1 W x 42.6 L1 Pair6
SP-27010Oversize, Thin 0.25mm39.1 W x 52 L1 Pair6
SP-27015Oversize, Thick 0.50mm39.1 W x 52 L1 Pair6