VacuTIP™ Foreign Body Suction Tip

  • Fits on most 7 French Baron Suction
  • Disposable, non-sterile
  • Suction cup conforms to almost any shape
  • Designed to safely and easily remove objects from the
    ear and nasal cavities

CPT Code 69200*
(Ear) Removal foreign body from external
auditory canal; without general anesthesia

CPT Code 30300*
(Nasal) Removal foreign body, intransal;
office type procedure

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Product ImageProduct NumberDescriptionUnits
VA-1120VacuTIP™  Foreign Body Suction Tip
20 tips / case
SI-62-22-20Baron Suction, 7 French1
DV-7305D-DDeVilbiss Suction Pump, AC only1
DV-7305P-DDeVilbiss Suction Pump, AC and Battery1
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