EarPopper® Middle Ear Inflation Device

Clinically proven device for treating common ear problems, in both children 4+ (with adult supervision) and adults, without medication or ear tube surgery.

A safe and simple treatment for middle ear pressure problems such as:

  • Otitis Media with Effusion
  • Negative Ear Pressure (caused by rapid elevation changes)
  • Eustachian Tube Dysfunction

Based on the Politzer Maneuver, the EarPopper® delivers a safe, constant, regulated flow of air into the nasal cavity. During the moment of swallowing the air is diverted up the eustachian tube, clearing and ventilating the middle ear. The EarPopper relieves negative ear pressure and allows any accumulated fluids to drain.

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Patient Ordering Information

For patients interested in ordering, please refer them to www.earpopper.com or they may call us directly at 1.888.229.2875.

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Product ImageProduct NumberDescriptionUnit / Box
EP-2100EarPopper, Home Version
Includes 4 – AAA batteries
EP-1010Disposable Tips
(Nosepieces) Non-sterile

Patients, please note: Individuals living in the USA must obtain a prescription from your doctor before you may purchase an EarPopper for home use.

Each EarPopper includes a printed instruction leaflet (IFU), individuals should read in full before using or commencing treatment. Click Here to view a PDF version.
Do not use the EarPopper in the presence of ear infection, upper respiratory infection, nasal congestion, cold symptoms or a perforated eardrum. The device is not intended for multiple users.