4th of July Activities

Homemade Ice Cream in a Bag

What is Summer without ice cream? Have you ever made it in a bag? Nostalgic to some – this simple 5 ingredient, 20-minute vanilla ice cream recipe is something to be sure to try during the summer. Hey, we wouldn’t judge ya if you saved it til winter!

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Red, White & Blue Layered Drink

What says 4th of July more than this patriotic drink? Whether you are hosting a party this year or just trying to create memories with your family – follow these directions to master the art of layered drinks!

Flag Fruit Pizza

Picture this. The grill is scraped clean. Dishes are.. hidden. But there are no worries here. You remembered you whipped out a little art project for dessert. A flag fruit pizza. With a little artistic ability, fruit pizza is a refreshing summer time favorite sure to complete any BBQ!

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Tie-Dye Fun

Have you ever wondered how to tie-dye? Ready to get messy? Well, this is the project for you! Let your true colors show with this step-by-step tie-dye tutorial. Choose your favorite colors or make it red, white & blue! Choose your favorite colors or make it the 4th of July themed. Gather up your family, friends, or teammates and impress them with your new tie-dye skills. Perfect for creating a uniform for your next event!

Sweet Ginger Ribs

Fourth of July isn’t complete without firing up the grill. If you are looking for a new rib recipe to try – these are a great option. But the real question is… Charcoal or propane?

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Pet Safety Guide for 4 Legged Friends

It is easy to giggle when your fur babies dart to their safe space when the neighbor launches the biggest, loudest firework found in the pop-up tent stands. But it is important to consider that when traveling to the cabin or another person’s house that your pet might not have a safe space. Read the blog from The Cottage Market for additional tips to keep your animals safe all summer long.

Fireworks Safety for Kids

Now that you have read about how to keep your animals safe – now it is time to prepare the kids for these beautiful but often dangerous explosions.

DIY Bug Spray Repellent

It really works! Essential oils like cinnamon and thyme keep the bugs that spread those nasty diseases away. Be sure to check to check your oils to ensure they are safe for topical use!

Easy Scavenger Hunt for Kids

For parties big and small, here’s another one to keep the kids busy if only for a little while! Now it is time for the fireworks!

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