Spread Positivity During SP Week and Beyond

Spread Positivity During SP Week and Beyond

We know many vendors are putting together special lunches, treats, or visits for International Sterile Processing Week but it’s also important for individuals in the department to spread positivity amongst each other during SP Week.

The easiest thing you can do to spread positivity within your department is to acknowledge other people in the department that you are grateful for. You can do this by

  • Writing thank you notes
  • Sending thank you emails
  • Gifting someone their favorite drink
  • Sending flowers to a particularly awesome manager
  • Get together outside of work
  • Make or buy food or treats to share

Thank You Notes

Writing thank you notes can seem cheesy but handwritten notes help spread gratitude in a way that stirs up nostalgia. Even if the note is simple, the amount of effort put into writing a note shows you care plus everyone likes to hear when they are doing something good!

Thank You Emails

Sending thank you emails seems a little too easy but if you aren’t already doing this it can mean a lot to your coworkers. Be specific about the actions that led to the appreciation or gratitude instead of sending a blanket thank you email. Considering adding other people to the email for a more public display of appreciation.

Share Favorites

Gifting someone their favorite drink is an easy way to show your appreciation if you have a little extra spending money. If you aren’t sure of the person’s favorite drink, ask one of their friends in the department beforehand. Caribou Coffee is our favorite!

Flower Power

Sending flowers can be expensive but asking a few people to pitch in can make the expense worth it. Flowers are longer lasting than food or beverages and have a sort of shock value when they are unexpected. Show your manager you appreciate what they’ve done for you by getting them flowers during SP Week.

Socialize Outside

Getting together outside of work can be a great way for shifts to bond and get to know each other personally. We like to get together for happy hour, go for walks around the building on lunch breaks, and occasionally meet for a meal. Everyone can cover the cost of their own food or drink so it’s less expensive for the organizer.

Thoughtful Treats

Making or buying food or treats typically spreads positivity at any time of the year. If your department doesn’t have vendors reaching out to provide lunches or treats, you can start a new tradition. Whip up a quick batch of muffins or grab some cookies on your way into work and leave a short thank you note with them. Food is a love language that never goes out of style!

If we inspired you, we’d love to hear from you! Tell us what you’re doing to spread positivity during this year’s International Sterile Processing Week on social media.