Thermoplast Nasal Splints

Thermoplast Nasal Splints

Rigid, opaque, lightweight, low temperature thermoplastic splinting material. Cut custom shape, soften with hot water and mold over taped nose. 1/16in thickness.

  • Stabilization of the nose after surgery
  • Reduction of edema after nasal surgery or trauma
  • Also known as aquaplast

Available in:

  • 9×12” Sheets
  • 3×3” Squares
  • Pre-cut in kit and Non-Kit
Product NumberDescriptionDimensions ( L x W in millimeters) Kits / Box
Pre-cut Denver Splint Series 4000
10-4021-05KIvoryIndicate Size5
10-4021-10KIvoryIndicate Size10
10-4022-05NKBlushIndicate Size5
10-4022-10NKBlushIndicate Size10

Kit Components:
• Instruction sheet • One alcohol wipe • One Skin-Prep® • One dorsal pad
• Pre-cut Protecto™ Strips • One Denver Nasal Splint®