PhenoPro™ Safety Applicator

  • All-in-one, self contained
  • Applicator comes in a pouch
  • Break ampoule to use
  • Clear view of ear canal during use
  • Safe to store
  • Safe to transport
  • Safe to dispose

The PhenolPro™ Safety Applicator is designed to simply, quickly and safely apply phenol.

Double-barrier vial containing 0.27 ml of phenol integrated into the handle. Squeezing the handle breaks the ampoule and starts the flow, delivering
phenol to the tip and reducing exposure to the patient, physician and staff. PhenolPro uses <11% water and >89% phenol.

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Product NumberDescriptionUnits / Box
PH-1000Single-use, Non-sterile.10

Please note: 1 free sample per customer.

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Patent pending.