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RhinoCath™ Nasal Suction Catheter

  • Controls intra- and post-operative nasal bleeding by providing
    continuous suction
  • Eliminates the need for post surgical packing in many cases

RhinoCath Nasal Suction Catheters break the cycle of nausea and bleeding
and increases patient satisfaction.

Patients undergoing nasal and sinus procedures report the highest degree of
dissatisfaction of all surgical patients. The two primary reasons for this relate to
post surgical nausea and the use of nasal packing.

Post surgical nausea is most frequently the result of blood and surgical fluids
ingested by the patient during the procedure. Postoperative nausea causes
vomiting, which raises blood pressure and increases the potentional for
postoperative bleeding. Nasal bleeding generally requires nasal packing.

The RhinoCath is placed in the posterior nasal cavity during the nasal and sinus
procedure without obstructing the surgeon’s vision. Suction is applied by continuous suction or hand held devices. Suction continues until bleeding stops, making nasal packing unnecessary in most cases.

Product Number Description Units / Box
SP-45000 RhinoCath Nasal Suction Cateter — Sterile

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RhinoCathRhinoCath Nasal Suction

Reference : Fordham SD, Controlling Intraoperative and Postoperative Nasal Bleeding, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery,
November 1992, Vol. 90 No. 5.