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Nasal Septal Buttons

  • One-piece design with 2 flange "leaves" for maximum security and cleanliness
  • Soft, medical-grade silicone permits ease of insertion, maximum patient comfort, and proven biocompatibility
  • Easily trimmed to assure proper fit
  • Largest size (7cm) features trim indicator rings

Designed to reduce or eliminate many symptoms of nasal septal perforations, including : crusting, epistaxis, whistling, headache, difficulty breathing and rhinorrhea.

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Nasal Septal Buttons
Now available in three sizes to cover the full range of clinical conditions!
Product Number Description Dimensions Unit / Box
Sterile, single-use
SP-78100 Nasal septal button, Small 3 cm diameter,
4 mm thick
SP-78105 Nasal septal button, Medium 5 cm diameter,
4 mm thick
SP-78107 Nasal septal button, Large 7 cm diameter,
4 mm thick

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Closure of Nasal Septal Perforations with a Silastic Button Results in 45 Patients; Poster exibit presented at American Academy of Opthalmology and Otolaryngology, October 6-10, 1976.

George W. Facer, M.D., Eugene B. Kern, M.D.,
Nonsurgical Closure of Nasal Septal Perforations; Arch Otolaryngol, Vol. 105:6-8,
January 1979.

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