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Flat Stock Blades and Knives

Blades require flat stock handle while knives have a molded handle.

Product Images Product Number Description Unit / Box
BL-2001 BL-2001 Adult Lance Blade 6
BL-2002 BL-2002 Adult Lance Knife 6
BL-2003 BL-2003 Adult Lance Reverse Blade 6
BL-2006 BL-2006 Juvenile Lance Blade 6
BL-2007 BL-2007 Juvenile Lance Knife 6
BL-2004 BL-2004 Juvenile Spear Blade 6
BL-2005 BL-2005 Juvenile Spear Knife 6
BL-2008 BL-2008 Tympanoplasty Angled Blade (60°) 6
BL-2009 BL-2009 Tympanoplasty Straight Blade (2.5mm) 6
BL-2010 BL-2010 Sickle Blade 6
BL-2011 BL-2011 Sickle Knife 6
BL-2024 BL-2024 Flat Stock Handle, Stainless Steel 1

*All products are sterile, single-use unless otherwise noted. ENT Catalog Summit Medical