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MicroPick™ Ear Pick Tips

  • Single-use, sterile, disposable ear pick tips for delicate procedures
  • Molded adaptor fits into most myringotomy blade handles
  • Malleable shaft bends to surgeon's preference
  • Available in straight, 45 and 90 degree angles

Developed in cooperation with Dr. Jay Farrior, the affordable, single-use MicroPick™ Ear Pick Tips feature three tip designs to ensure a new, precise tip for every procedure. The malleable shaft enables positioning in a nearly infinite number of angles to be fine tuned for surgical requirements. Each MicroPick Ear Pick Tip features a molded adaptor that can be threaded into Summit Medical's Stainless Steel handle or most commonly used flat 'Beaver-style' myringotomy blade handles found on the market.

Product Number Description Point Length Unit / Box


Straight Tip
Sterile, single use
  65mm 6


45° TIp
Sterile, single use
.76mm 65mm 6


90° TIp
Sterile, single use
.76mm 65mm 6


Stainless Steel Handle
Non-sterile, multiple use

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