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DizzyFIX BPPV Device - vertigo
How It Works
What is the DizzyFIX
About BPPV
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How DizzyFIX Works

The DizzyFIX™ training device teaches people diagnosed with BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo) how to perform the Epley, a particle repositioning maneuver.

The general objective of the DizzyFIX device is to visually guide the user through the maneuver.

BPPV may be a chronic condition and up to 50% of people will experience relapse in their lifetime.

The device enables the user to repeat the maneuver as often as needed.

DizzyFIX BPPV Device - Vertigo

DizzyFIX BPPV Device- quotes

DizzyFIX BPPV sheet - Vertigo

DizzyFIX BPPV Device Manuever
  • The device clips onto the hat provided
    (or any common baseball hat)

  • The specially designed tube and ball are visual representations of the otoconia floating in the middle ear

  • The shape of the tube combined with the motion of the particle (ball), complete the maneuver

  • The patient guides the ball through the device, which completes one full maneuver

As see on the TV Show:
The Doctors
Note : The proper position for use of the DizzyFIX is in a lying horizontal position.