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We develop products not just for our customers, but with our customers. Our collaborative approach cultivates innovative medical solutions for the global health care industry. Through excellence in design, supply chain management, manufacturing and customer service we put quality at the forefront in all aspects of our business.


  InstruSafe Instrument Protection Trays InstruSafeĀ® Instrument Protection Trays and Care + Maintenance Products provide solutions to uniquely protect and organize delicate surgical instruments throughout all stages of the transport, storage and sterilization processes. Offerings include both standard and custom solutions, as well as capabilities for OEM partnerships.
See list of FDA 510(k) clearances here.
Otology - Rhinology
ENT products for both surgical and non-surgical procedures. We offer a wide variety of Otology and Rhinology products.

Liposuction cannulas and handles with many hole patterns, diameters and lengths. Disposable and autoclavable luer lock and Toomey hubs.

Fat Grafting devices that collect and filter adipose tissue in a closed system.

EarPopperĀ® ear pressure relief device for treating problems associated with eustachian tube dysfunction and negative pressure in the middle ear.
Otology Rhinology Otology Products Rhinology Products EarPopper